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Let Wilmington Hot Air Balloons provide you with the ultimate blend of exhilaration and serenity when you book your first balloon flight with us! Our veteran captains offer impressive, personalized flights to create an experience equaled by no other. We have an absolute allegiance to satisfy your every request by delivering the experience of a lifetime.

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Balloon Rides in Wilmington

Wilmington Hot Air Ballooning

A hot air balloon flight is enchanting presentation into the world of aerial activities. Prepare to experience Wilmington from the best viewpoint at thousands of feet above the ground. Your trip at the highest point of elevation will take roughly an hour. We have a vast array of features that will serve to help you remember your amazing ballooning experience. Experience the purest form of excitement with the help of our seasoned staff who dedicate themselves to providing an unmatched experience.

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Wilmington Balloon Ride Gift Certificates

Wilmington Balloon Ride Gifts

The flight of the balloon, and the rudimentary aspects of its control, supply an unchanged balance between amusement and tranquility. Our certificates are interchangeable, and provide opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime. Certificates of flight are redeemable through our wide-ranging system of participating facilities throughout the Country.

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Wilmington Balloon Festivals

Wilmington Balloon Celebrations

Witness the one-of-a-kind view of dozens of technicolor balloons ascending toward the heavens when you attend the Wilmington Balloon Fair. Whether you have a preference for seeing the phenomenon from the ground or taking to the skies in a balloon, we can turn your fantasy into a reality.

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Wilmington Corporate Balloon Advertising

Advertising with Hot Air Balloons

One of the most effective advertisements include something visually energizing and hard to forget. Taking advantage of the public notice from ballooning advertisements will absolutely get tongues wagging. Whether you choose the fly past method or have your logo displayed on the side of an anchored balloon, you'll experience an elevation in revenue due to the boosted presence.

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At Wilmington Hot Air Balloons, we pride ourselves on providing a safe environment and balloon flight to fulfill your needs. Our pilots have spent endless hours flying to better serve your individualized ballooning desires. The requirements for obtaining one's balloon pilot license includes at least 16 hours flight time and multitudes of additional criteria. Those requirements are the very minimum of what is necessary to become a skilled ballooning pilot, therefore, it's safe to assume the pilot has devoted numerous hours executing smooth flights and touchdowns. Take your enthusiasm for flight to the max with a scenic balloon ride over Wilmington, enjoy the assurance that your safety is out top priority. Feel confident that if you decide to balloon with us, your safety and security are in good hands.

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